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Gray MILLER has been a DIY film geek since picking up a Super-8 camera at the age of 9. He was invited into USC's Filmic Writing program and graduated from UT Austin's film school. Moving to New York, he taught himself After Effects and Maya, and designed and animated film titles in the late 90's for Spike Lee, Jim Jarmusch, the Coen Brothers and Paul Thomas Anderson while on staff at a New York design firm.

Inspired by the work of Wong Kar Wei and PT Anderson, he embarked on the ensemble indie sci-fi feature 2K3, a story of a young pregnant couple dealing with startling visions in NYC’s Chinatown in the summer of 2003.  Working nights and weekends, he wrote, directed, produced and edited the 84-minute film, his first feature.  2K3 was selected for the IFP Rough Cut Lab.

Directing Reel