NYC Chinatown, Summer 2003

A young pregnant couple battle parental anxieties and prophetic visions in the opening months of the Iraq War, a fever dream of Orange Alerts and SARS scares.

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Meg and Noah are the begrudging envy of their friends and coworkers. Unmarried, in love, a Chinatown apartment cluttered with rumpled clothes and video games; they live their lives like perpetual undergrads, avoiding the pitfalls of adulthood. But when Meg becomes pregnant, they inherit new responsibilities and worries.

Now married and utterly confused, the couple prepare for the impending change in lifestyle. Noah's dreams of showing his video art at a local gallery slip away, while Meg is convinced that she lacks the proper maternal instincts.

Three weeks into the pregnancy, Meg experiences a tumultuous vision that grabs her and lifts her off her feet. Noah rescues her, and just as suddenly as it began, it is over. They are shaken and flee the apartment, only to return the next morning, cautious and wary. The apartment, however, is quiet; the room untouched.

Noah dismisses the vision as a stress-related hallucination, but Meg is convinced that something real has occurred, that a message was transferred about their child. Meg's conviction is further reinforced upon a second vision she alone witnesses that evening.

Unbeknownst to them, their arguments do portend a fundamental shift in the world around them-- and they will soon have to decide how much they are willing to sacrifice for their future family.